Pacific Crest Trail 2017

The Story of My People: Part 10: Joe Dirt

Scene One Setting: Hat Creek Rim Scenic Overlook Cast: Fluffy, Lt. Dan, Joe Dirt, Peanut, Monster We find our protagonists in the middle of an argument concerning the geologial forces surrounding the formation

The Story of My People: Part 9: A-Game

"What's your name again? Fuzzy expletive? Furry another-expletive? Floppy yet-another-expletive?" asks A-Game. "Ugh! It's Fluffy!" I respond, disgusted at having to constantly correct A-Game and Valley Girl. They're both

The Story of My People: Part 7: Monster

That night, he showed us pictures and videos of the Sierra from his iPhone. He told us stories about death defying creek crossings, digging down through the snow to find shelter, and how he was probably the first person to walk into — and out of — the Sierra in 2017. Amazing