Even though the last 200 miles have not been the greatest yet on trail, there have been some moments of levity that have kept my spirits up. Philllip, aka Monster, attempted to rechristen me with a new trail name. Let's just say that he was succesful.

It all started with a discussion of gear. Philipp, a 6'6" 220 pound ex-recon in the German military, carries a 50-60 pound pack. I, on the other hand, carry an 18-28 pound pack. He called my gear "fluffy". Philipp declared that he would call me Fluffy from then on. And that's how it all started.

If my name was going to change, I wanted some say in the matter. I added Hasselhoff to the end to make it my own and to honor the talented singer, songwriter, and actor David Hasselhoff (who I'm told is very popular in Germany) . Taking a cue from me, someone, maybe Jen, mentioned that the new name should remain open to addition.

The next day, unbenounced to me, Beaverhausen was inserted by Philipp, making me a member of the House of Beaver. I have no idea how this came to be, but I am honored and humbled to be a member of this prestigious family. Again, to regain ownership and stature, I inserted von and appended III Sr. I thought these two additions would lend some history and legacy to the name, as well as some confusion with III Sr.

Out of the blue, at the beginning of the Hat Creek Rim, I met Valley Girl. He (yes, Valley Girl is a he), made fun of my newly minted appellation. I immediately took offense, and decided then and there to build in a honorable title, one that demands respect — I added the prefix Baron.

Later that day Jen, now recognizing my inherit nobility, added The Right Honorable Gentleman, which I thought seemed to assume a knighthood. I took it one step further and inserted Sir.

So, what exactly is my name? Read it and weep, people. Read it and weep.

The Right Honorable Gentleman Sir Baron Fluffy von Beaverhausen Hasselhoff III Sr., also known as Thunder Fluff, but I also respond to Fluffy.

Thanks, Philipp.