Enlightened Equipment Revelation 20

I used to be a sleeping bag afficianado, of sorts. At one time, I owned four sleeping bags. Currently, I own one quilt and two sleeping bags—two sleeping bags that I never use. As far as the debate on quilts vs sleeping bags goes, I'm all in on the side of quilts

Zpacks Duplex

The Zpacks Duplex is a two-person tent, purpose built for ultralight backpacking. It's really expensive at around $600, but the price shouldn't be the end of the story — it's also super light and

Filtering Water in the Backcountry

This gear review isn't actually about any one product, but more about a handful of products that work together to produce clean, drinkable water. That's why the title isn't "Sawyer Squeeze"

Sea to Summit Ultralight Insulated

Ah, the Therm-A-Rest NeoAir Xlite. The perfect UL pad. I purchased the large model, because I'm 6'3". The large is also 5" wider than the small and regular models. This extra

Altra Shoes

If you can withstand the unrelenting torment that this shoe wreaks upon the human frame, you must be a glutton for pain, or you are not human. These trail runners were not made