Appalachian Trail 2018

This is not a Game

When June arrives, I will begin walking south, starting in Maine, intent on finishing in Georgia — or put another way, ME to GA. MEGA is the term. If you go Northbound, it is sometimes shortened to GAME.

What is Old is New... Again

What the fudge am I doing?! There were little moments of panic that would randomly occur during what was a normal work day. My heart would drop in my chest when someone, something,


So, I've decided to go southbound on the AT in 2018. It goes, literally, in the opposite direction of everything I believe in, but I will be joining the Dark Side in June

Gear List for the AT

And here is another gear list for those that care. I would like to go lighter, but I'm comfortable with the equipment I have right now. I intend to reuse most of my